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the expanding canon teaching multicultural literature
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Reader Response: Pat Mora and James Welch Reader Response: Keith Gilyard and Mourning Dove Inquiry: Rudolfo Anaya and James Baldwin Inquiry: Tomás Rivera and Esmeralda Santiago Cultural Studies: Ishmael Reed and Graciela Limón Cultural Studies: N. Scott Momaday and Russell Leong Critical Pedagogy: Octavia E. Butler and Ruthanne Lum McCunn Critical Pedagogy: Abiodun Oyewole and Lawson Fusao Inada
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Teaching Multicultural Literature
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REFLECTION - Interactive Forum

Explore two poems using four approaches.


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The Expanding Canon: Teaching Multicultural Literature in High School is a production of Thirteen/WNET New York in collaboration with the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). Copyright 2003, Corporation for Public Broadcasting. All rights reserved.

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Thirteen is also a pre-eminent source of Web-based educational content and workshops, providing courses that have reached thousands of teachers, teachers-in-training, administrators, and others involved in pre-K-12 instruction. These workshops are currently used by professors and students at Harvard University, Pace University, and Teachers College at Columbia University. Thirteen's award-winning Web site features online companion pieces to national series and original online content to complement Thirteen's educational initiatives. Projects include New York: A Documentary Film, African American World, Cyberchase Online, Great Performances Online, Nature Online, and American Masters Online.

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
The National Council of Teachers of English has been dedicated to building teacher knowledge and improving student achievement in English language arts since its founding in 1911. NCTE's member and affiliate networks serve more than 77,000 teachers and supervisors of English programs in elementary, middle, and secondary schools; faculty in college and university English departments; teacher educators; local and state agency English specialists; and institutions. NCTE provides a forum for the profession, an array of opportunities for teachers to continue their professional growth throughout their careers, and a framework for cooperation to deal with issues that affect the teaching of English.

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Brigitte Magar Matsuoka, Executive Producer
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Jesse Gale, Co-Producer, Writer
Camille Lee, Project Coordinator

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Dale Allender, Content Advisor
Jill Peters, Project Director
Suzanne Rose, Editorial Supervisor
Arash Hoda, Content Producer
Todd Schindler, Writer, Copy Editor
Katherine Schulten, Writer
Margaret Restivo, Researcher

Interactive and Broadband Unit:
Anthony Chapman, Director of Interactive and Broadband
Mikki Monkolchayut, Technical Producer
Sabina Daley, Art Director
Karen Mattson, Designer
Ana Giron, Technical Associate Producer
Brian Santalone, Technical Associate Producer
Josh Zizmor, Technical Associate Producer

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Thirteen Ed Online is a production of Thirteen/WNET New York. Brigitte Magar Matsuoka, Director of Educational Technologies. Carmen DiRienzo, Vice President and Managing Director, Corporate Affairs.


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Senior Producer
Suzanne Rose

Arash Hoda
Mary Drayne

NCTE Content Advisor
Dale Allender

Project Officer Annenberg Media
Deborah Batiste

Supervising Editor
Geoffrey Richman

Greg Barna

Additional Camera
Arash Hoda
Michael Pruitt-Bruun

Geoffrey Richman
Jake Diamond
Scott Fienstein
Christopher Seward
Jay Slot
Mary Ann Toman
Mark Sutton

Logo and Graphic Design
B.T. Whitehill

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Jim Heffernan
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Rodney Whittenberg

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David Michael Tews

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Rekha Menon

Margaret Restivo

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Jill Peters

Director of Children’s and Educational Programming
Sandra Sheppard

Project Advisory Board
Deborah Allen
John Barber
Reggie Finlayson
Beth Horikawa
Nicolás Kanellos

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Brian Albritton
James H. Baer
Bayard Carey
Diana Cleland
Richard Mills, Jr.
Fred Runner
Jose Santamaria

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Damian Baskette
Andrew Bowler
Robert Fass
Edward Goldberg
Carolyn Kim
Uma Sanayafarian
Judy Schiller

Production Interns
Dianna Kennedy
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Danijela Majstorovic

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Alpine Recreation Center
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Bob Morris
Custodial Workers of
Charles H. Milby High School
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