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Program 18: Maturing and Aging - Expand Your Knowledge
History of Psychology
Research Methods
The Human Brain
Human Development
Therapeutic Approaches
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Key Terms for Program 18: Expand Your Knowledge

Biological Senescing: The process of growing older physically.

Dementia: A severe deterioration of cognitive abilities, such as memory, reasoning, judgement, and other higher mental processes.

Life-Span Development: The study of the continuities, stabilities, and changes in psychological and physical processes that characterize human functioning, from conception through the final phases of life.

Mid-Life Crisis: A personal identity conflict that comes during middle adulthood, usually around one's forties. The result of feelings of worthlessness and unresolved problems with intimacy and identity; frequently manifested in self-indulgent acts reflective of adolescent behavior.

Psychological Adolescing: The process of growing up to full adulthood and realizing the personal potential of oneself; one part of the aging process that develops along with growing older physically.

Selective Optimization: A strategy for fulfillment throughout the aging process, where one maximizes gains and minimizes losses associated with growing older. In other words, making the best of what you have.



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