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U.S. and Italian Homes

Video Summary
In this lesson, students practice vocabulary relating to homes, furnishings, and directions. First, they compare typical U.S. and Italian homes, using their own drawings and a PowerPoint presentation by Ms. DiGennaro. Next, they practice vocabulary words as they match labels to pictures of furniture, play a card game, and even dance! Students then use the vocabulary in two final activities: They follow classmates' directions to place pictures of furniture on a floor plan on the board, and then work in pairs to draw a picture of a home described by their partner.

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Key Terms
negotiation of meaning
thematic units

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images from DiGennaro Italian class

Classroom at a Glance
Teacher: Marylee DiGennaro
Language: Italian II
Grade: 9
School: North Haven High School, North Haven, Connecticut
Lesson Date: October 9
Class Size: 11
Schedule: Block schedule, 82 minutes every other day

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