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هل تشرب قهوة في وقت الفراغ؟
How We Spend Our Free Time

اضغط هنا للترجمة باللغة العربية

Video Summary

In this lesson, eighth graders in Katie Quackenbush's Arabic I class continue a unit on hobbies and practice asking and answering questions using "you" and "I." Ms. Quackenbush reviews the lesson agenda with the class and starts students off with a speaking activity in which students in groups pass around a paper bag as music plays. When the music stops, the student holding the bag picks a card from the bag and asks a classmate whether he or she likes doing the activity pictured on it. Ms. Quackenbush assesses student understanding of unit vocabulary and subject-verb agreement in their questions and responses, and provides corrective feedback. After the game, students survey classmates about whether they enjoy doing certain activities in their free time and create a bar graph using the data they have collected. Then Ms. Quackenbush tells students that in the next class they will compare their free-time activities with those of students in Saudi Arabia.

Standards Addressed


Interpersonal, Interpretive



Key Terms
learner-centered classroom
thematic units

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Classroom at a Glance
Teacher: Katie Quackenbush
Language: Arabic I
Grades: 8
School: Boston Latin Academy, Boston, Massachusetts
Lesson Date: May 4
Class Size: 14
Schedule: 47 minutes daily

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