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طبيب الأسنان ينظف أسناننا
People Who Help Us

اضغط هنا للترجمة باللغة العربية

Video Summary

In this lesson, Khamael Alaloom introduces her first-grade class to people who help in the community and teaches students a new letter of the alphabet: miim. At the start of class, she reviews with students the content, language, and vocabulary objectives for the day. Then she projects images of community helpers on the board and reviews their names and what they do. Students pair up and talk about what they understood from the teacher's presentation. Next, Mrs. Alaloom hands out picture cards, and students take turns stating who is in the picture and how the person helps us—first within a small group and then in front of the class. After Mrs. Alaloom calls on a student to read aloud and then point out different parts of a sentence, students complete a writing activity in their notebooks, copying the sentences she provides. Finally, students review the letter miim and identify it at the beginning and in the middle of different vocabulary words.

Standards Addressed


Interpersonal, Presentational


School and Community

Key Terms
affective filter
heritage speaker
informal assessment
native speaker

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Classroom at a Glance
Teacher: Khamael Alaloom
Language: Arabic
Grades: 1
School: William Ford Elementary School, Dearborn, Michigan
Lesson Date: April 7
Class Size: 21
Schedule: 45 minutes, once a week

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