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Learner Express
Learner Express is a gallery of short video modules distilled from over 350 hours in the Annenberg Learner Collection. The science topics are useful in a STEM-based curriculum, while the math topics align with the Common Core Standards. You can quickly locate 1-5 minute videos to enhance classroom or professional learning. Indexed, annotated, and linked to related resources, Learner Express embodies the best of just-in-time learning.

How many people should you survey for accurate polling results? You decide.

You have switched political camps once again and are back working as a pollster for Stephanie Higgins. It's the end of the campaign and Higgins knows that what she says and does will make or break her. It's your job to stay on top of what the voters are thinking about each of the candidates.

It would be great if you could poll all of the voters in the city, but there is no time for that. Instead, you have to decide how many voters to poll in order to get a result that you can be confident about. You will ask them this question:

"Will Stephanie Higgins win the election?"

Are you ready to get to work?

1. Read Stephanie Higgins political profile

2. View the demographic profile of the city

3. Out of the entire voting age population of 16,000, how many people would you like to poll?


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"Statistics" is inspired by programs from Against All Odds: Inside Statistics,
a video series in the
Annenberg Media Multimedia Collection.

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