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Part D

Applying Connections
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Reflect on each of the following questions about the Ladybugs lesson you just observed in Ms. Hakim and Ms. Confer's class. Select "Show Answer" to see our comments, or if you need help thinking about the questions.

Question: What mathematical concepts are included in this activity?

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Our Answer:
Students count and record their data and then associate their counts with written numerals as they compare class data.

Question: How does this problem relate to the other Process Standards?

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Our Answer:

Communication: Students discuss their findings with their partners and draw conclusions about the data as part of a class discussion.

Problem Solving: Students determine the topic for exploration and generate questions they want to answer from their observations of ladybugs.

Reasoning and Proof: Students begin by predicting the number of heads, wings, feet, antennae, and mouths ladybugs have, and then explain how they arrived at their predictions. As they look at the class results, they realize that their data does not always match, and they find the correct answers in a book on ladybugs.

Representation: Students record their findings on bar graphs and record their data on a class chart. They write number sentences using their data.


Question: What are some other connections that are made in this lesson?

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Our Answer:
Students chose the topic for study based on their own interests. The lesson has a direct connection to science and the study of insects. Students use a book on ladybugs to find additional information.

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