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Part A

Observing Student Connections
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After you have watched the video, consider the following questions. Select "Show Answer" to see our comments, or if you need help thinking about the questions.

Question: What mathematics content does this activity entail?

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Sample Answer:
The activity includes recognizing geometric patterns, working with shapes and their properties, understanding congruence, and developing spatial sense, including exploring such transformations as flips, slides, and turns.

Question: How are the other Process Standards embedded in this lesson?

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Sample Answer:
Children communicate their ideas and reasoning by describing their patterns. They represent their ideas by cutting and pasting their rectangles and triangles onto larger pieces of paper.

Question: What are some connections between this problem and children's everyday experiences?

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Sample Answer:
The lesson connects to quilts, which some children may be familiar with, and to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Question: What are some connections between this problem and other subject areas?

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Sample Answer:
This problem incorporates both art and language arts.

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