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Part A

Observing Student Connections
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The students we just observed are now working with the rectangular-shaped halves to make quilt designs. They cut four squares in half and arranged the pieces to make patterns. As a class, they discussed patterns and worked together to complete one quilt square. Students are now working in small groups to design quilt squares. Below are some of their quilt patterns.

Quilt Pattern

Teacher: We have here all of our quilt squares. They are beautiful. Let's think about how you put them together. Who can explain what you did?
Steven: Well, we started with four little squares, and then we folded them in half and cut them apart, and then we had to glue the pieces together.

Teacher: Does anyone have anything to add?
Shandra: We couldn't put the pieces on top of each other -- we had to keep them apart when we were gluing them onto the big paper. That was hard.
Jimmy: When we got finished you couldn't see the little squares any more, but we had a big square.
Alex: We got lots of patterns.

Teacher: Let's talk about the patterns you see. Can you describe the pattern for Group 1's quilt square?
Peter: (points as he describes) Well, there's straight straight side side, and then underneath it's side side straight straight.

Quilt Pattern 1

Teacher: What about the pattern for Group 2?
Alex: This one is orange red orange red.

Teacher: That's a good color pattern. Does anyone see another pattern?
Jimmy: It's long long long long.

Teacher: Explain what you mean by "long."
Jimmy: (pointing at the rectangles) It's the long way, not the short way.

Quilt Pattern II

Teacher: Is there another quilt square with the same pattern?
Jack: (pointing to Group 6) It looks like our pattern, except it's a different color.

The conversation around patterns continues. As the culminating activity, students put their pieces together to make their own class "paper quilt."

Class Quilt Pattern

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