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Part E

Evaluating Reasoning and Proof
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So, what have we done in this session?

  • In Part A, you looked at student thinking about a patterning task and then viewed a video segment of a kindergarten class that was recognizing patterns and using reasoning to develop patterns of their own.
  • In Part B, you explored your own thinking in recognizing and continuing patterns based on one or more attributes.
  • In Part C, we took a detailed look at two important aspects of reasoning in the early grades -- patterning and classification.
  • In Part D, you applied the Reasoning and Proof Standard to new situations that focused on classifying and then looked at a similar activity in a K-1 classroom.
  • In Part E, you made a lesson plan of your own as a way to evaluate what you've learned.

Throughout this session, we considered the role of teacher questions in helping students express and justify their mathematical reasoning.

Now you have an opportunity to reflect on this session and to communicate some of your thoughts and observations in your journal. This final journal entry will mark your completion of the session.

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