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Part A

Observing Student Reasoning and Proof
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Now take some time to reflect on the questions below. Select "Show Answer" to see our comments, or if you need help thinking about the questions.

Question: What attribute is used in this pattern?

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Sample Answer:
Color is used as the basis for the pattern.

Question: Why is the pattern in this example called a repeating pattern?

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Sample Answer:
The pattern is set and then repeats in groups –– yellow yellow, blue blue, yellow yellow, blue blue. Because we see the repeating groups more than once, we know that it is a repeating pattern.

Question: What communication skills does the teacher emphasize to help students reinforce their understanding of the pattern?

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Sample Answer:
When students say the pattern aloud, this helps them hear the repeating nature of the pattern, which then helps them identify what comes next.

Question: How does the teacher extend this activity for Sandra and Jamal?

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Sample Answer:
Once the students have recognized the pattern, the teacher challenges them to make a pattern for each other. For those students who are ready, creating patterns of their own allows them to use more sophisticated reasoning than they would by identifying a pattern created by the teacher.

Question: What other strategy could be used to extend this activity?

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Sample Answer:
The teacher could give the students a more difficult pattern to complete –– perhaps one that uses more than one attribute. For example, by identifying a pattern that involves the recognition of color and shape, students need to look beyond just one characteristic and to extend their reasoning accordingly.

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