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Part A

Observing Student Reasoning and Proof
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We are now going to look at some attribute chains, each of which has a pattern. The students' job is to continue the pattern. First, students were asked to continue this chain:

Incomplete Attribute Chain

Sandra and Jamal completed the chain like this:

Student Attribute Chain

Let's look at the conversation that follows.

Teacher: What pieces did you add to the pattern?
Jamal: Two yellows and two blues.

Teacher: What is the pattern?
Sandra: Yellow, yellow, blue, blue, yellow, yellow, blue, blue.

Teacher: Can you add more pieces to your pattern?
Jamal: We could do this:

Jamal's Attribute Chain

Teacher: What is your pattern?
Jamal: Yellow, yellow, blue, blue, yellow, yellow, blue, blue, yellow, yellow, blue, blue.

Teacher: Can you continue the pattern?
Sandra: (after looking carefully at the other pieces) No.

Teacher: Why not?
Sandra: Because there are no more blue or yellow blocks left.

Teacher: Now I would like each of you to start a pattern for the other person to continue.

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