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Part A

Observing Student Problem Solving
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Now let's look at a part of the video segment in greater detail. In this Observe Viewer activity, you can watch how students create and test their own solution strategies. The activity encourages the use of visual representation in developing better problem-solving skills. We've added annotations that highlight the problem-solving process.

Questions for reflection:

  • What verbal and visual prompts does Ms. Gregory use to ensure that the students understand the problem?
  • What kinds of questioning techniques does Ms. Gregory use when she interacts with the small groups?
  • How does the emphasis on the problem-solving process affect the first-grade students' approach to solving the problem?
  • What strategies are students using to solve this problem?
  • Describe the various ways students recorded their solutions. What is the value in having students find their own ways of recording as a part of problem-solving process?

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