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Applying Communication
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Flo Pearson, teacher of 27 six to eight year olds, is working with students on a problem called "Amazing Equations," in which students investigate concepts of addition and subtraction as they compose and share story problems that result in a sum or difference of 20. In the following video segment, you can watch Ms. Pearson's students use a variety of forms of communication that help them connect their everyday language and experiences to the mathematical language and symbolism of the operations.

As you watch, think about communication as it relates to the students' experience of working through this activity. Read the following questions before you watch the video. (You may want to watch the video few more times before answering).

  • What mathematics are young children making sense of in this activity?
  • What aspects of communication are students using to work on the problem?
  • How does this type of activity capitalize on the different developmental levels of individual students and the fact that different students learn in different ways?

Please watch the video segment now (duration 7:13).

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