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Observing Student Communication
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Let's look at another example of a student developing her communication skills in the same activity.

Mira selected the piece shown below (which she cannot see):

Yellow Hexagon

Mira: My piece has lots of sides and fat corners.

Ms. Wright: What else can you say about your piece?
Mira: It's big and smooth.

Ms. Wright: Tell us about the sides of your piece.
Mira: They are straight, and there are more than three sides.

Ms. Wright: Can you feel all of the sides of the piece and tell how many there are in all?
Mira: I think there are lots of sides.

Ms. Wright: How many?
Mira: There are more than four -- I think there are eight.

Ms. Wright: Look at the pieces in the box. Are there any with eight sides?
Mira: I don't think so. But I think I have the biggest piece in my hand -- so I know it's yellow, because the yellow piece was the biggest.

Ms. Wright: Does anyone know how many sides the yellow piece has?
(Students respond, variously, "Five," "Six," and "Four.")
Zack: I think it had six.

Ms. Wright: Can you draw a shape with six sides?
Zack: Yes.

Ms. Wright: Show the class your drawing. Let's count the sides.
Students (in unison): One, two, three, four, five, six.

Ms. Wright: Mira, what else can you tell about your piece?
Mira: I think there are eight corners.

Ms. Wright: Let's look at the drawing. How many corners does your drawing have?
Mira: It has six corners.

Ms. Wright: Take out your piece and let's check.
Mira: Yes -- it has six sides and six corners.

Ms. Wright: Does anyone know the name of this shape?
Mira: I think it's called a . . . I forget.

Ms. Wright: This piece is called a hexagon. Everyone say "hexagon".
Students: Hexagon.

Ms. Wright: What do you know about a hexagon?
Zack: It's yellow.

Ms. Wright: What else?
Samantha: It has six sides.

Ms. Wright: Anything else?
Mira: It has six corners.

Ms. Wright: What shape has six sides and six corners?
Students: A hexagon.

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