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Applying Communication
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Now that you are familiar with the standard and some of its aspects, how would you apply it in the classroom?

Consider this scenario, an Algebra II/Trigonometry course is coming to the end of a unit on mathematical modeling and functions. Part of the semester final will be given as a group test. The students will work together to solve the test problems using graphing calculators and the teacher will circulate among the students.

Here is one problem on the test:

Consider this sequence of values from n = 1 to n- = 10.

11.25, 10, 9.25, 9, 9.25, 10, 11.25, 13, 15.25, 18, . . .

a. Graph the sequence

b. Find the equation of the curve.

c. Determine the value of the 100th term of the sequence.

Take a moment to set up and explore this problem for yourself. You may wish to work out a complete solution on your own or follow the solution skeleton in the flash demonstration on the next page. When you are ready, move on to the next page.

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