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Part B

Exploring Representation
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In this section, you will take a look at your own, rather than your students', approach to a task and your ideas about various ways of representing it. As you work through the activity, pay attention to any mental or visual images that you think of, and any diagrams, sketches, equations, or special forms of numbers that you use. The more experience you have in making use of the connections between various representations, the more effective you will be in incorporating the Representation Process Standard in your classroom.

Typical Week

Have you ever had the feeling that your typical week has a disproportionate amount of work and very little time for yourself? How might you use data to show your family why you need to free up more hours for fun? How might you represent your use of time and compare it to our "typical teacher"?

The following activity involves analyzing some of your own personal information about how you spend a typical week.

When you gather, organize, analyze, and describe data for a specific purpose, several forms of representation come into play. As you work, remember to pay attention to the representations that help you think about the problem in your mind.

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