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Portrait of Daniel Kleppner
Daniel Kleppner
Daniel Kleppner is the Lester Wolfe Professor of Physics, Emeritus at MIT. He is the founding director of the MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms, funded by the National Science Foundation. He is the coauthor of two textbooks and the recipient of the Oersted Medal of the National Association of Physics Teachers and of the National Medal of Science. Read full bio

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Portrait of David J. Wineland
David J. Wineland
David J. Wineland received a bachelor's degree from Berkeley in 1965 and his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1970. After a postdoctoral appointment at the University of Washington he joined the National Bureau of Standards, presently renamed the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), at Boulder, Colorado ... Read full bio | Read interview transcript
Portrait of Martin Zwierlein
Martin Zwierlein
Martin Zwierlein joined the Department of Physics at MIT as an assistant professor in the fall of 2007. He studied physics at the University of Bonn and at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, where he received his undergraduate and a Masters degree in theoretical physics in 2002. Read full bio | Read interview transcript


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