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Portrait of Shamit Kachru
Shamit Kachru
Shamit Kachru is a professor of physics at Stanford University. His research interests include string theory and quantum field theory, and their applications in cosmology, condensed matter physics, and elementary particle theory. Read full bio

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Portrait of Juan Maldacena
Juan Maldacena
Juan Maldacena is a theoretical physicist and professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ. His work focuses on string theory, quantum gravity, and quantum field theory that concentrates on black holes. He is best known for developing a concrete realization of the holographic principle that argues that gravitational physics ... Read full bio | Read interview transcript
Portrait of S.-H. Henry Tye
S.-H. Henry Tye
S.-H. Henry Tye is the Horace White Professor of Physics at Cornell University. He is a particle theorist working in quantum field theory, string theory, and cosmology. His recent research interest includes the interplay between string theory and the inflationary universe. Read full bio | Read interview transcript


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