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Portrait of Natalie Roe
Natalie Roe
Natalie Roe is a senior scientist in the physics division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a Fellow of the American Physical Society, and former chair of the APS Division of Particles and Fields. Roe has worked on a variety of particle physics experiments at CERN, Fermilab, and SLAC. Read full bio

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Portrait of Bonnie Fleming
Bonnie Fleming
Bonnie Fleming is the Horace D. Taft Associate Professor of Physics at Yale University. She earned her Ph.D. in physics at Columbia University in 2002. She heads the Yale High Energy Neutrino Physics Group, an experimental group focusing on new physics in the neutrino sector. Read full bio | Read interview transcript
Portrait of Mark C. Kruse
Mark C. Kruse
Mark C. Kruse is an associate professor at Duke University and specializes in experimental high energy physics. He is primarily interested in searches for the Higgs boson, production of vector boson pairs, and model-independent analysis techniques for new particle searches. Read full bio | Read interview transcript


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