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Production Credits

The Science Media Group (SMG) was founded by Dr. Matthew H. Schneps at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) to investigate new ways to use television and computer media to communicate science to the public at large. A part of the CfA's Science Education Department, the SMG has grounded its work in state-of-the-art science education research. One of the SMG's most recent productions was The Habitable Planet: A Systems Approach to Environmental Science—a course for high school teachers and undergraduate students in environmental science. Created in partnership with the Harvard University Center for the Environment and Annenberg Media, The Habitable Planet received the 2010 AAAS Science Prize for Online Resources in Education (SPORE). Other pioneering works created by the SMG are videos, such as A Private Universe, influential in shaping education reform worldwide; television programs, such as the PBS series Minds of Our Own, designed to alert the public to issues of science learning; and television, museum, Internet, and computer materials for children, parents, and teachers.

Project Development

Executive Director
Matthew H. Schneps
Executive Producer
Alex Griswold
Project Managers
Kelly E. Cramer
Nancy Finkelstein
Course Developer
Christopher Stubbs
Course Coordinator
Claire Cramer
Project Administrator
Linda P. Williamson

Video Production

Senior Producer | Videographer
Clive Grainger
Producer | Videographer
Tobias McElheny
Senior Editor | Producer
Steven J. Allardi
Editors | Producers
L. Neal Duffy
Keri Green
James Day
Oren Bendavid-Val
Stuart Siegal
Online Editors
Maria Kobrina
Molly Wasser
Clayton J. Ellis
Assistant Animator
Annie Holstein
Caleb Epps
Alison Plante - Treble Cove Music
Sean Snyder
Mo Lotman

Project Advisors

John Belcher
Joan Brenner
Jack Hehn
Jesus Hernandez
Paula Heron
David Pullen
Wolfgang Rueckner


Website/Interactive Labs

Juliet Jacobson
Don Button
Shira Fruchtman
Michelle M. Hardy
Online Text Editor
Peter Gwynne
Interactives Advisors
Raul Angulo
Lindley Winslow
Linda Walsh
Course Evaluation
Richard Dower
Boston QuarkNet Group
Interactives Evaluation
Jesus Hernandez
Ohilda Difo
Matt Jacques
PDF Generation
Mark Gorenstein
Production Assistant
Chandana Jasti

Facilitator's Guide

Stephanie Chasteen
Noah Finkelstein
Teacher Review
Patricia Loblein
Amanda Heffner-Wong
Content Experts
John Bohn
Oliver deWolfe
Michael Dubson
Scott Franklin
Nils Halverson
Andrew Hamilton
Murray Holland
Seth Hornstein
John Jost
Thomas Perkins
Gavin Polhemus
Steven Pollock
Leo Radzihovsky
Colin Wallace



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