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Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
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Notes for Session 5

Note 1: In this session we'll explore the concepts of linear function and slope. Another goal is to examine how the use of computer spreadsheets can affect our understanding of these two ideas.

Part A Notes:

Linear Relationships in Patterns

Part B Notes:


Part C Notes:


Part D Notes:

Putting It Together

Part E Notes:

Thinking About Technology



In mathematics, technology is often introduced for its own sake, with little or no consideration for how it can enhance students' understanding of mathematical concepts. In this session, spreadsheets will allow us to observe changes in dependent and independent variables for multiple data points. We'll also use spreadsheets to produce graphs that illustrate the connection between rate and slope.

To complete the session, you'll need to know how to perform a few basic procedures. If you're not already familiar with spreadsheets, you may want to read the spreadsheet tutorial in the course material.

Groups: Those with more computer experience can provide a quick demonstration to others, or pair up with those who have less computer experience.

Materials Needed: Computer with spreadsheet program for individuals working alone or for each pair or small group, graph paper, rulers (optional), toothpicks (optional).

Groups: Discuss the homework, particularly Problem H3 and the differences between the "proportional" equations and the "linear" equations.

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