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12 / Conflict and Resistance

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Conflict and Resistance

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Throughout history, groups and individuals have sought not only to maintain control over their own lives, but also to assert their power over the lives of others. Visual art has played an important role in documenting such conflict and resistance. It also has served as a means for expressing personal views on politics, war, social inequities, and the human condition.


Koudelka, Watch, PAR65493.jpgCZECHOSLOVAKIA. Prague. August 1968. Warsaw Pact Troops invade Prague. In front of the Radio Headquarters.Josef Koudelka (Czech/French, b. 1938)ART167914, Picasso, Guernica.jpgGuernica Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881–1973)10. And There’s Nothing to Be Done, Goya 32.62.17.jpgY no hai Remedio (And There’s Nothing to Be Done)Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (Spanish, 1746–1828)
ART28190, Manet, Execution of Maximillian.jpgThe Execution of Emperor MaximilianÉdouard Manet (French, 1832–1883)Cor, UT0071264, Fighters of Taliban Buddha statue.jpgAfghan soldiers from the ruling Taliban movement and visiting journalists stand in front of one of the destroyed Buddha statues in the central province of Bamiyan, March 26, 2001.Sayed Salahuddin (Afghan, b. 1970)
MET 11. The Legislative Belly, Daumier 20.60.5.jpgThe Legislative BellyHonoré Daumier (French, 1808–1879)ART180859, Rodchenko, Books.jpgBooks!Aleksandr (Alexander) Mikhailovich Rodchenko, (Russian, 1891–1956)Bridge 283392, Chairman Mao Enroute.jpgChairman Mao en Route to AnyuanChinese School
CT21 Lalla Essaydi Converging Territories 30.jpgConverging Territories #30Lalla Essaydi (Moroccan, b. 1956)ART25634, Hagia Sophia.jpgHagia Sophia (exterior)Anthemius of Tralles (Greek, active 6th c.) and Isidorus of Miletus (Greek, active 6th c.) (architects)
EarthSpider.jpgThe Earth Spider Creating Monsters in the Mansion of Minamoto no YorimitsuUtagawa Kuniyoshi (Japanese, 1797–1861)ART342357, The Assyrians drive the Elamites into the River Ulai, a detail of a stone relief from the palace of .jpgBattle of Til-Tuba (Battle of the River Ulai) (detail)Unknown artist(s), Nineveh, IraqART336715 Fish and Rocks Bada Shanren.jpgFish and RocksBada Shanren (Zhu Da) (Chinese, 1626–1705)
ART380683, Hogenberg, Netherlandish Iconoclasm.jpgCalvinist IconoclasmFranz Hogenberg (German, ca. 1540– ca. 1590)ART27007, Rivera, Burning of the Judas.jpgLa quema de los Judas (The Burning of the Judases)Diego Rivera (Mexican, 1886–1957)
Kara Walker Alabama Loyalists.jpgAlabama Loyalists Greeting the Federal Gun-Boats from Harper’s Pictorial History of the Civil War (Annotated)Kara Walker (American, b. 1969)ART7956, Goya Third of May.jpgThe Third of May, 1808Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (Spanish, 1746–1828)

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