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  Name Artist/Origin Date Material
La Mezquita (Great Mosque) (interior)La Mezquita (Great Mosque) (interior)Unknown architect(s) (possibly Syrian), Andalucía (Islamic Spain)Umayyad Dynasty, begun ca. 784–86; enlarged in the 9th and 10th centuriesStone, brick, marble, porphyry, jasper, and other materials
Shiva Vinadhara (Holder of the Lute)Shiva Vinadhara (Holder of the Lute)Unknown artist, IndiaChola Dynasty, ca. 950Bronze
Shakyamuni BuddhaShakyamuni BuddhaUnknown artist, Nepal1200–1299Copper
Dance Vest with Esù Staff FiguresDance Vest with Esù Staff FiguresYoruba artist, Igbóminà Region, Nigeria20th centuryWood, cowrie shells, leather, and pigment
Isenheim Altarpiece (exterior)Isenheim Altarpiece (exterior)Mathis Gothart Neithart (Matthias Grünewald) (German, 1480–1528)ca. 1515Oil on wood panel
Cosmological Diagram (Map of the Heavens) from the Phenomena of AratusCosmological Diagram (Map of the Heavens) from the Phenomena of AratusFrench Schoolca. 1000Vellum
El Castillo (The Castle)El Castillo (The Castle)Unknown architect(s), Mayan, Chichén Itzá, Yucatan, Mexicoca. 800–1000Stone
Te wehenga o Rangi Raua ko Papa (The Separation of Rangi and Papa)Te wehenga o Rangi Raua ko Papa (The Separation of Rangi and Papa)Cliff Whiting (Maori, b. 1936)1969–76Carved and painted wood
Ascension Dome from the Basilica di San Marco (St. Mark’s Basilica)Ascension Dome from the Basilica di San Marco (St. Mark’s Basilica)Probably Greek or Byzantine artist(s), Venice, Italy1150–1200Mosaic
Icon of the Virgin of VladimirIcon of the Virgin of VladimirMoscow SchoolLate 17th centuryGold leaf and tempera on panel
Vishnu Reclining on a Serpent from the Bhagavata PuranaVishnu Reclining on a Serpent from the Bhagavata PuranaKalurama (Indian, n.d.)1863Paint on paper
Dorsal Headdress (meiityk-re kru wapu)Dorsal Headdress (meiityk-re kru wapu)Kayapó Mekrãgnoti artist, Brazil20th centuryCotton, fibers, bamboo, vegetal fibers, feathers (red macaw, harpy eagle, bare-faced curassow),
Forest as a TempleForest as a TempleVitaly Komar (Russian, b. 1943)2007Tempera and oil on canvas
The Garden of Love (Improvisation Number 27)The Garden of Love (Improvisation Number 27)Wassily Kandinsky (French, born Russia, 1866–1944)1912Oil on canvas
Zeus of Artemision (also called Poseidon)Zeus of Artemision (also called Poseidon)Unknown Artist, Greececa. 460 BCEBronze
Aerial View of Notre Dame CathedralAerial View of Notre Dame CathedralUnknown architect(s), Franceca. 1163–1345Stone
Ka’baKa’baUnknown architect(s), MeccaRebuilt multiple times; latest 17th centuryGranite and marble, covered with silk
Reliquary ArmReliquary ArmUnknown artist, Valley of the Meuse, (present-day Belgium)ca. 1230Silver over oak; hand: bronze-gilt; appliqué plaques: silver-gilt, niello and cabochon stones

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