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  Name Artist/Origin Date Material
Barong MaskBarong MaskBalinese artist, IndonesiaEarly to mid-20th centuryWood, leather, twine, wire, hair, mirrors, pigment
Louis XIVLouis XIVHyacinthe Rigaud (French, 1659–1743)1701Oil on canvas
Coronation sword and scabbard of the Kings of FranceCoronation sword and scabbard of the Kings of FranceFrench artist10th–13th century (with later additions)Gold, lapis lazuli, steel, glass, gilt silver, cabochons, gem stones, with embroidered velvet
Basin (known as the Baptistère of Saint Louis)Basin (known as the Baptistère of Saint Louis)Mohammed ibn al-Zain (Egyptian or Syrian)Mamluk Period, ca. 1320–1340Brass inlaid with silver and gold
Burning Man EffigyBurning Man EffigyAmerican artistEarly 21st centuryWood, nails
Feathered helmet (mahiole)Feathered helmet (mahiole)Hawaiian artist, PolynesiaPre-19th centuryPlant fiber, feather
Procession of Tribute BearersProcession of Tribute BearersUnknown artist(s), PersepolisAchaemenid Period, 559–330 BCEStone relief
Mask (sowei)Mask (sowei)Mende artist, Sierra Leone19th centuryWood, pigment, plant fiber
Court DressCourt DressBritish artistca. 1750Blue silk taffeta brocaded with silver thread
Soul Recovery Ceremony paraphernaliaSoul Recovery Ceremony paraphernaliaCHiXapkaid (Michael Pavel) (b. 1959); Kay-UAmihs (Winona Plant); and Sm3tcoom (Delbert Miller) (1944-2005), Skokomish Indian Nation, Southern Puget Salish, Pacific Northwest2008Wood, paint, cedar bark, grass, imitation huckleberries
Shah Jahan Watching an Elephant FightShah Jahan Watching an Elephant FightAttributed to BulaqiMughal Period, ca. 1639Opaque watercolor and gold on paper
Carnival au Cap HaitienCarnival au Cap HaitienRony Leonidas (Haitian, b. 1946)20th centuryOil on board
Royal Crown (adènlà)Royal Crown (adènlà)Yoruba artist, Nigeria20th centuryGlass beads, fiber, cloth, and thread
StoolStoolAttributed to the Buli Master, Luba, Democratic Republic of Congo19th centuryWood, metal studs
Power Figure (Nkisi nkondi)Power Figure (Nkisi nkondi)Yombe artist and ritual specialist, Democratic Republic of Congo18th–19th centuryWood, metal, nails, mirrors, cloth, cordage, beads, and cowrie shells
Woman’s Mantle (chyrpy)Woman’s Mantle (chyrpy)Tekke artist, Turkmen, Turkmenistan19th or 20th centuryEmbroidered silk
House Post FigureHouse Post FigureKambot (Tin Dama) artist, Karem River, Lower Sepik region, Papua New Guinea19th centuryWood, paint, and fiber

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