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  Name Artist/Origin Date Material
Fa’a fafine: In a Manner of a Woman, Triptych 1Fa’a fafine: In a Manner of a Woman, Triptych 1Shigeyuki Kihara (Japanese-Samoan, b. 1975)2004–2005Chromogenic print on “Fujicolor Professional Paper”
Life Mask of Chief Tapua Te WhanoaLife Mask of Chief Tapua Te WhanoaMaori artist, New Zealand1854Tinted cast incised with small bone adze dipped in liquid charcoal
Barong MaskBarong MaskBalinese artist, IndonesiaEarly to mid-20th centuryWood, leather, twine, wire, hair, mirrors, pigment
Feathered helmet (mahiole)Feathered helmet (mahiole)Hawaiian artist, PolynesiaPre-19th centuryPlant fiber, feather
House Post FigureHouse Post FigureKambot (Tin Dama) artist, Karem River, Lower Sepik region, Papua New Guinea19th centuryWood, paint, and fiber
Women’s Dreamings of the Tanami Desert 2Women’s Dreamings of the Tanami Desert 2Margaret Anjullu (Anjule Bumblebee) (Aboriginal, n.d.)1996Acrylic on canvas
“Sisilia Sii–Weaver”“Sisilia Sii–Weaver”Flores Island, Indonesia20th centuryVideo still
Possum AncestorsPossum AncestorsAnatjari (Yanyatjarri) Tjakamarra (Australian, Pintupi language group, ca. 1938–1992)1975Acrylic
Bis PoleBis PoleAsmat artist(s), Omadsep village, New Guinea, Papua (Irian Jaya) Province, IndonesiaLate 1950sWood, paint, and fiber
Ancestral Effigy (Rambaramp)Ancestral Effigy (Rambaramp)Vanuatu artist(s), Tomman Island, Vatbuyang Village, VanuatuMid-20th centuryFiber, bamboo, bone, paint
Te wehenga o Rangi Raua ko Papa (The Separation of Rangi and Papa)Te wehenga o Rangi Raua ko Papa (The Separation of Rangi and Papa)Cliff Whiting (Maori, b. 1936)1969–76Carved and painted wood

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