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  Name Artist/Origin Date Material
Vamana Temple (exterior)Vamana Temple (exterior)Unknown artist, India11th centurySandstone
Coronation sword and scabbard of the Kings of FranceCoronation sword and scabbard of the Kings of FranceFrench artist10th–13th century (with later additions)Gold, lapis lazuli, steel, glass, gilt silver, cabochons, gem stones, with embroidered velvet
Basin (known as the Baptistère of Saint Louis)Basin (known as the Baptistère of Saint Louis)Mohammed ibn al-Zain (Egyptian or Syrian)Mamluk Period, ca. 1320–1340Brass inlaid with silver and gold
Kuya-Shonin (Saint Kuya)Kuya-Shonin (Saint Kuya)Kosho (Japan, active late 12th–early 13th century)Kamakura Period, early 13th centuryWood
The Four SleepersThe Four SleepersMokuan Reien (Japanese, d. 1345)14th centuryInk on paper
“Many fall in battle and King Harold is killed” (detail) from the Bayeux Tapestry“Many fall in battle and King Harold is killed” (detail) from the Bayeux TapestryUnknown artist(s), France or EnglandBefore 1082Wool embroidery on linen
“Alexander Fights the Monster of Habash” from the Shahnama“Alexander Fights the Monster of Habash” from the ShahnamaUnknown artist, Tabriz, IranBefore 1335Opaque watercolor, gold, and ink on paper
Early SpringEarly SpringGuo Xi (Kuo Hsi) (Chinese, ca. 1000–1090)1072Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk
The Serpent MoundThe Serpent MoundPossibly Adena culture (500 BCE–200 CE) or Fort Ancient culture (1000 CE–1550 CE)ca. 1000–1200 CEClay, rock, and soil
Traveling CofferTraveling CofferOu family of Wenzhou, Zhehian Province, ChinaSouthern Song or Yuan Dynasty, ca. 1250Lacquer over leather, bamboo, wood, metal mounts
Porcelain PlatePorcelain PlateUnknown artist, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, ChinaYuan Dynasty, mid-14th centuryPorcelain with underglaze blue
Shakyamuni BuddhaShakyamuni BuddhaUnknown artist, Nepal1200–1299Copper
Cosmological Diagram (Map of the Heavens) from the Phenomena of AratusCosmological Diagram (Map of the Heavens) from the Phenomena of AratusFrench Schoolca. 1000Vellum
Ascension Dome from the Basilica di San Marco (St. Mark’s Basilica)Ascension Dome from the Basilica di San Marco (St. Mark’s Basilica)Probably Greek or Byzantine artist(s), Venice, Italy1150–1200Mosaic
Aerial View of Notre Dame CathedralAerial View of Notre Dame CathedralUnknown architect(s), Franceca. 1163–1345Stone
Reliquary ArmReliquary ArmUnknown artist, Valley of the Meuse, (present-day Belgium)ca. 1230Silver over oak; hand: bronze-gilt; appliqué plaques: silver-gilt, niello and cabochon stones
Prato Haggadah, Folio 11rPrato Haggadah, Folio 11rUnknown artist, Spainca. 1300Ink, gesso, paint, and gold leaf on parchment
Venus Table from the Dresden CodexVenus Table from the Dresden CodexMaya artist, Yucatán Peninsula probably, MesoamericaPre-Columbian, ca. 13th–14th centuryPaint and lime plaster on Amate (ficus) fiber paper
Leaf from a Qur’an ManuscriptLeaf from a Qur’an ManuscriptUnknown artist, attr. to Spain13th–14th centuryInk, colors, and gold on vellum
Bamboo in the WindBamboo in the WindWu Zhen (Chinese, 1280–1354)Yuan Dynasty, 1350Ink on paper

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