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  Name Artist/Origin Date Material
Meat JoyMeat JoyCarolee Schneemann (American, b. 1939)1964Group performance with raw fish, chickens, sausages, wet paint, plastic, rope, and shredded scrap paper
Burning Man EffigyBurning Man EffigyAmerican artistEarly 21st centuryWood, nails
I Hear you BroI Hear you BroDarius Jones (Leon Reid IV) (American, b. 1979) in collaboration with Brad Downey (American, b. 1980)2003Aluminum, Spray Enamel
Racing Clocks Run Slow: Archaeology of a RacetrackRacing Clocks Run Slow: Archaeology of a RacetrackShimon Attie (American, b. 1957)2007(Still from) Three-channel high-definition video installation
Spiral JettySpiral JettyRobert Smithson (American, 1938–1973)1970Mud, precipitated salt crystals, rocks, and water
For the GuggenheimFor the GuggenheimJenny Holzer (American, b. 1950)September 26–December 31, 2008(Photograph of) light projection
One and Three ChairsOne and Three ChairsJoseph Kosuth (American, b. 1945)1965Wood chair, black and white photograph, and text

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