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  Name Artist/Origin Date Material
Life Mask of Chief Tapua Te WhanoaLife Mask of Chief Tapua Te WhanoaMaori artist, New Zealand1854Tinted cast incised with small bone adze dipped in liquid charcoal
Barong MaskBarong MaskBalinese artist, IndonesiaEarly to mid-20th centuryWood, leather, twine, wire, hair, mirrors, pigment
Mask (sowei)Mask (sowei)Mende artist, Sierra Leone19th centuryWood, pigment, plant fiber
Soul Recovery Ceremony paraphernaliaSoul Recovery Ceremony paraphernaliaCHiXapkaid (Michael Pavel) (b. 1959); Kay-UAmihs (Winona Plant); and Sm3tcoom (Delbert Miller) (1944-2005), Skokomish Indian Nation, Southern Puget Salish, Pacific Northwest2008Wood, paint, cedar bark, grass, imitation huckleberries
Royal Crown (adènlà)Royal Crown (adènlà)Yoruba artist, Nigeria20th centuryGlass beads, fiber, cloth, and thread
Power Figure (Nkisi nkondi)Power Figure (Nkisi nkondi)Yombe artist and ritual specialist, Democratic Republic of Congo18th–19th centuryWood, metal, nails, mirrors, cloth, cordage, beads, and cowrie shells
“Wassily” Chair“Wassily” ChairMarcel Breuer (American, born Hungary, 1902–81). Manufactured by Standard Möbel, Germany1927–28Chrome-plated tubular steel, canvas upholstery
TableTablePhilip Speakman Webb (British, 1831–1915)(designer)ca. 1865Oak
Gela Mask (The Ancient One)Gela Mask (The Ancient One)Wee artist, Liberia/Cote d’Ivoire20th centuryWood, raffia, cloth, teeth, feathers, hair, fiber cord, cowrie shells, mud, and pigment
The Serpent MoundThe Serpent MoundPossibly Adena culture (500 BCE–200 CE) or Fort Ancient culture (1000 CE–1550 CE)ca. 1000–1200 CEClay, rock, and soil
View of the gardens at Stourhead EstateView of the gardens at Stourhead EstateHenry Hoare II (1705–1785) and Henry Flitcroft (1687–1768) (designers)1741–1765Garden
Traveling CofferTraveling CofferOu family of Wenzhou, Zhehian Province, ChinaSouthern Song or Yuan Dynasty, ca. 1250Lacquer over leather, bamboo, wood, metal mounts
Coffin of HenettawyCoffin of HenettawyUnknown Artist, Deir el-Bahri, western Thebes, EgyptThird Intermediate Period, 21st Dynasty, ca. 1040 BCE–992 BCEGessoed and painted wood
Ancestral Effigy (Rambaramp)Ancestral Effigy (Rambaramp)Vanuatu artist(s), Tomman Island, Vatbuyang Village, VanuatuMid-20th centuryFiber, bamboo, bone, paint
Ascension Dome from the Basilica di San Marco (St. Mark’s Basilica)Ascension Dome from the Basilica di San Marco (St. Mark’s Basilica)Probably Greek or Byzantine artist(s), Venice, Italy1150–1200Mosaic

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