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Course Units

Unit 1: Matter and the Rise of Atomic Theory—The Art of the Meticulous

Unit 2: The Behavior of Atoms—Phases of Matter and Properties of Gases

Unit 3: Atoms and Light—Exploring Atomic and Electronic Structure

Unit 4: Organizing Atoms and Electrons—The Periodic Table

Unit 5: Making Molecules—Lewis Structures and Molecular Geometries

Unit 6: Quantifying Chemical Reactions—Stoichiometry and Moles

Unit 7: The Energy in Chemical Reactions—Thermodynamics and Enthalpy

Unit 8: When Chemicals Meet Water—The Properties of Solutions

Unit 9: Equilibrium and Advanced Thermodynamics—Balance in Chemical Reactions

Unit 10: Acids and Bases—The Voyage of the Proton

Unit 11: The Metallic World—Electrochemistry and Coordination Compounds

Unit 12: Kinetics and Nuclear Chemistry—Rates of Reaction

Unit 13: Modern Materials and the Solid State—Crystals, Polymers, and Alloys


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