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Production Credits

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The Science Media Group (SMG) was founded by Dr. Matthew H. Schneps at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) to investigate new ways to use television and computer media to communicate science to the public at large. A part of the CfA's Science Education Department, the SMG has grounded its work in state-of-the-art science education research.

The most recent SMG production was Neuroscience and the Classroom: Making Connections—a course to help teachers learn to use research to create their own solutions to their particular classroom challenges. Other recent SMG productions were Physics for the 21st Century, a course for high school physics teachers and undergraduate students exploring the frontiers of physics; and The Habitable Planet: A Systems Approach to Environmental Science, a course for high school teachers and undergraduate students in environmental science. Created in partnership with the Harvard University Center for the Environment and Annenberg Learner (then Annenberg Media), The Habitable Planet received the 2010 AAAS Science Prize for Online Resources in Education (SPORE). Other pioneering works created by the SMG are videos, such as A Private Universe, influential in shaping education reform worldwide; television programs, such as the PBS series Minds of Our Own, designed to alert the public to issues of science learning; and television, museum, Internet, and computer materials for children, parents, and teachers.

Project Development

Executive Director
Matthew H. Schneps
Executive Producer
Alex Griswold
Education Coordinator
Nancy Finkelstein
Course Developer
Christopher Morse
Project Administrator
Linda P. Williamson

Series Credits

Project Advisors
Karen Atkinson
Chris Bauer
Adam Brunet
Noah Finkelstein
Myriam Hibbard
Mary Kirchhoff
Paul Konowicz
Laurie Langdon
Robert Miller
Louisa Morrison
Daniel Rosenberg
Wolfgang Rueckner
Kimberly Stieglitz
Karen Atkinson
Adam Brunet
Louisa Morrison
Christopher Morse
Thomas van Geel
Jenny Weeks
Copy Editor
Linda Walsh
Reading Level Specialist
Ellen Lewis
Course Evaluation
Lisa Allen
Bill Bowers
Mary Christian-Madden
Chris Koutros
Mia Mitoma
Dick Moran
Lois K. Ongley
William Palmer
MaryJac Reed
Kathy Siok
Ruth Tanner
Martin Isaks


Shira Fruchtman
Shira Fruchtman
Michelle Hardy Kennedy
Aladdin Ibrahim
Michelle Hardy Kennedy
Production Assistants
Diana Eastman
Grace Hewett
Ruthann Hewett

Interactive Labs

Shira Fruchtman
Michelle Hardy Kennedy
Aladdin Ibrahim
Interactive Researcher
Alex Griswold
Susan Sunbury
Production Assistant
Erin Braswell
Interactive Advisors
Carol Lund
Peter G. Weyand

Course Guide

Karen Atkinson
Louisa Morrison
Thomas van Geel
Teacher Review
Nancy Finkelstein
Copy Editor
Nancy Finkelstein
Lauren Farrer
Nancy Finkelstein

Video Production

Senior Producer | Videographer
Clive Grainger
Producer | Videographer
Tobias McElheny
Senior Editor | Producer
Steven J. Allardi
Editors | Producers
L. Neal Duffy
Keri Green
Associate Producers | Videographers
Lauren Farrer
Molly Wasser
Oren Bendavid-Val
Online Editor
Maria Kobrina
Rachel D'Erminio
Production Assistant | Videographer
Teresa Hartmann
Ben Cosgrove
Alison Plante—Treble Cove Music
Anna Lewicke
Adam Brunet
Catherine L. Drennan
Nicole Labbe
Michael McCarthy
Christopher Morse
Mala Radhakrishnan
Ainissa Ramirez
David Song
Elizabeth Vogel Taylor
Wilton L. Virgo

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